SDP is a company with a plethora of microwave knowledge and well positioned to address wireless applications whether it is in telecom, military or space related applications. In the telecom industry the company has successfully become a dominating player in the base station infrastructure market by focusing on key components that are critical to any transmission system. In the military market where radio communication continues to play a critical role on the combat field, SDP is well positioned to supply and has delivered mil spec components for integration into military radio subsystems. For space applications, the company has committed to invest in environmental test chambers, and dedicated test equipment to implement a stringent quality assurance program for a variety of products from the components to the subsystem level for either ground-stations or satellite payload.

Overall the company’s highly technical staffs comprises of a team of Master and PhD level microwave graduates representing over 300 years of cumulative diverse wireless experience encompassing the telecom, military and space sector.