SDP’s TMAs are designed to improve the uplink performance of the BTS receiver with the lowest noise figure and highest reliability. SDP design addresses all the TMA needs of current and future wireless communication generations, offering flexible solutions for every application.


  • Standard and custom design solutions
  • Multiple designs for different standards (GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, and LTE)
  • Covering different frequency bands in the range 450-2700 MHz
  • Different TMA gain values (12dB, 13dB, 24dB, 32dB, or 33dB)
  • Dual and variable gain solutions (12/32dB, 12/33dB, 12/24dB, or variable gain)
  • Flexible control and communication modes (CWA only, AISG only, or CWA+AISG)
  • Field upgradable AISG software covering different AISG versions (AISG 1.1, AISG 2.0)
  • Bypass channel combinations (for example UMTS 2100 with GSM 900 bypass)
  • Multi-band and single-band TMAs
  • Very low intermodulation distortion (PIM) in both gain and bypass modes
  • Very low intermodulation distortion also exists in other standard frequency bands to address co-location and co-siting applications
  • Filter mask designed to minimize radiation in other wireless communication bands
  • Robust design to protect against external interference sources
  • Indoor and outdoor operation (IP67 protection class)