Compact high performance MiniX Combiners are specially designed for Doherty Amplifier applications. These designs come in surface-mount packages for easy circuit integration and are manufactured to the highest quality standards. The design takes into account X and Y thermal expansion coefficients and is compatible with most substrates. All parts are subject to extensive testing and satisfy the most stringent specifications with a 100% success rate.

MiniX Key Features

  • Frequency ranges for applications ranging from 700 MHz up to 2700 MHz
  • Very low insertion Loss 0.15 dB Max
  • Low VSWR 1.15 Max
  • High Isolation
  • Power handling: up to 50W
  • Tightly controlled phase and amplitude balance as required for the Doherty design.
  • Wide temperature range -55º C to 95º C
  • RoHS compatible lead-free design